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Frequently Asked Questions

Acme Training will ensure that student information is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with 3rd parties; except for reporting to authorised bodies such as the SETA ETQA or SAQA and the Department of Labour.

Information will only be shared with an employer, a potential employer, or a sponsor with written consent and signed permission of the student.

Information such as assessment results will only be divulged to external parties, i.e. potential employers, if the student provides consent to do so.

The confidentiality of all information will be guaranteed by the implementation of security procedures as documented in the company’s Document and Record Management Policy and Procedure (BSADM-002).

Statistical information from the system will be used in order to improve the design, delivery, and assessment of the company’s learning programmes.

All course materials provided on the ACME Training Gateway, including but not limited to the syllabus, course guides, workbooks, PoE’s, webinars, and other content, are the intellectual property of Acme Institute of Training (Pty) Ltd and protected by copyright law.

Course materials are presented in an educational context to registered students of Acme Institute of Training (Pty) Ltd for personal use and study, and may not be copied, reproduced, re-published, shared, distributed, or sold (in print or digitally) under any circumstances.

Feedback on your assessments can be accessed from your user Dashboard on Acme Gateway by navigating to the Assignment Feedback tab.

Should you require any additional help coping with challenges faced during the extent of the course, please reach out to Mrs Khuzekazi Ntakana, an Educational Psychologist affiliated to Acme Institute of Training (Pty) Ltd.

Khuze has been working within the educational psychology field for 10 years now. She has extensive knowledge pertaining to career development and guidance, as well as psycho-legal, psycho-social, and trauma support.

Please contact Admin if you would like to make use of her services.

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